Your mySource card is designed to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and hassle of writing a check or paying with cash. The card allows you to pay for your health, dental, vision, and dependent care needs at qualified locations without the hassle of waiting for a reimbursement check.

The mySource card works just like any other debit card except for a few important differences:

  1. It is limited to specific merchants and eligible expenses – please reference our mySource card brochure for additional information. .
  2. You cannot use it at an ATM or for “cash back” when making a purchase.
  3. You may still be required to submit documentation to show that the expense was considered an eligible expense. If documentation is required, you will receive an e-mail from us requesting that information.

All of our communication regarding your mySource card will come via e-mail only. If you are not receiving your e-mail notices from us, please contact us so that we can ensure we have the correct e-mail address on file.

If you are required to submit documentation for a card swipe, please use the form which can be accessed here to submit your documentation to our office. Documentation will typically be required within 30 days of a card swipe. If documentation is not submitted, your debit card access may be denied until the documentation is submitted to our office or the expense is paid back to your employer via our website.

If you need to repay your employer for an ineligible expense, please do the following:

  1. Log in to your personal account here
  2. Choose the mySource Card tab found toward the top of the screen
  3. Choose the “Repay My Employer” option found on the left hand list of options.
  4. Follow the steps to repay your employer.

Your card will typically be reactivated within 2 business days of repaying your employer.

If you need to order a debit card for a family member, please click here:


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