How does the MySource Card Work?

Your MySource card is accepted at all medical (hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental offices, vision services and pharmacies) as well as some dependent care providers who accept MasterCard. Instead of paying for your expense out of pocket, you can simply swipe your MySource Card and payment will be made to the provider directly from your Flexible Spending Account.

Seems to easy. What’s the catch?

While the card allows for payment to the provider at the time of service without the need to pay out of pocket and then wait for reimbursement, it does not make your FSA account completely paperless. For any charges on the account that are not for a prescription copay or a pre-programmed office visit copay (based on your employer’s group medical plan), you will still be required to submit documentation to Flex Administrators, Inc. Flex Administrators, Inc. will contact you via email for any documentation that must be submitted. Documentation must be submitted within the time frame specified in the email that you receive.

Why do you still need to see documentation when you can see that I swiped the card at an eligible provider?

Due to the tax-free nature of FSA accounts, the IRS mandates that we verify that expenses that are paid for with the card meet the following criteria:

  1. Was an eligible expense
  2. That the expense was INCURRED within the Plan Year (not just paid for in the Plan Year)
  3. That the expense was incurred by the participant or eligible dependent of the participant.

What happens if I don’t submit the requested documentation?

Flex Administrators, Inc. will request any necessary documentation by email. If the documentation is not received by the time frame specified in the emails, your MySource card will be deactivated and your FSA account will be frozen. You will be able to reactive your card by submitting the required documentation.

I lost my documentation or I know it wasn’t an eligible expense. How do I reactive my card?

You have two options to reactive your card if this happens:

  1. You can log in to your account online (select the red ACCOUNT STATUS option from top of page) and repay your employer. Once you are logged in to your personal account, please select the icon at the top of the webpage that looks like your debit card. Then select REPAY MY EMPLOYER from the list of options on the left. You will be able to enter banking information to repay your FSA account. This will take up to 2 business days to reactive your debit card.
  2. You can submit a claim for expenses that you incurred and paid for out-of-pocket with a personal credit card, checking account or cash. Once those expenses have exceeded the amount owed back to your card, your card will be reactivated and your account unfrozen.

I paid for something out-of-pocket. Can I still get reimbursed since I didn’t use my MySource Card?

Absolutely! All you will need to do is complete a Request for Reimbursement Form, attach the itemized receipt and submit to Flex Administrators, Inc. for processed. Most claims are processed within 2 business days and your reimbursement will be sent to you.

Can I order a card for a family member?

Sure! Please just click on the button below and complete the form and a debit card will be created for your family member(s).